Bought iPhone version. Q about stats.

#1terrak99Posted 3/13/2013 6:39:56 PM
There are several different boards on FF2, so I wasnt sure which one i should post to.

I bought the iPhone version and was told its a direct (exact same) port of the PSP version. Is that true?

Also I heard in this version, there are no stat decreases, none at all, you can only increase them. If that's true, could I possibly make all my characters with max stats?

Also again if there are no decreases, is there a problem with all of my characters equipping the best weapons and armor at all times? I.e. my black magic user equipping bronze armor, etc.

I basically want all my characters equipping anything they want, without any fear of decreasing anything.

Thanks. Was a little confused with the versions and what I can expect.
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