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Getting Minwu's Staff of Light after Dreadnought attacks towns :-)HarmoniousTerra66/23 2:14PM
Does the stat increase glitch still work? (Archived)gaigeistheking27/22 10:30PM
Any IOS Control That Automatically Has All Team Repeat Same Actions As Prior ? (Archived)oldguy215/26/2014
Where are all the iPhone/iPad Players ? (Archived)oldguy238/1/2013
Tip for Escaping Undesired Battles and Trying for Rare Battles in iPhone/iPad (Archived)oldguy217/26/2013
Iron Giant -- Rare but Cowardly (Archived)oldguy217/19/2013
FF-II Game Crashes Occasionally on iPhone 5 with iOS 6.1.4 (Archived)oldguy247/17/2013
Snowcraft mini-game works on iPhone (Archived)oldguy216/28/2013
Drops from Snow Cavern Bosses (possible spoilers) (Archived)oldguy226/28/2013
Bought iPhone version. Q about stats. (Archived)terrak9913/13/2013
Getting out of Kashuan keep (Archived)matt_lewis1512/27/2013
is it just me or.../Palamecia (Archived)RubedoXT42/13/2013
Quits when I return to springboard (press home button) (Archived)RedrumXG32/3/2013
How to prevent the really crazy bugs! (Archived)Crashbanito112/21/2012
wyvern egg BUG? (Archived)zoicno112/17/2012
The ship in Paloom disappeared? Can anyone help please? (Archived)Takenyouout8112/14/2011
Snowcraft minigame bug? iPhone problem? (Archived)calinz18/24/2011
No guides for Arcane Labyrinth? (Archived)Sam27328/2/2011
seriously stuck! (Archived)turbosage17/12/2011
POLL: You really, really want the sequel to this game (Archived)JuliaGillard44/17/2011
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