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7 years ago#11
Just to clarify, once you take down the 2 guards by the wheel at the back of the ship, all you need to do is drop down on Savonarola's Lieutenant who is positioned in back of the 2 heavy guards...he's right below the wheel. You don't even need to engage the 2 heavy guards.
7 years ago#12
I for one think its a great idea for the developers to make a level that is exceptionally difficult to complete seeing as the rest of the game is relatively easy.
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7 years ago#13
Took me around five tries, isn't that hard just to take of the guys on land with your gun then focus attention on the guys on the bow of the ship before jumping down and killing your target.

Was nice that the DLC added some difficulty
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7 years ago#14
The guys on the land are easy, I double air assassinate the 2 guards on the stairs leading down to the docks, then go around the back of the boat in the water past the guard on the dock while he's at the front end of the boat, hang onto the side of the last stretch of pier facing the boat and assassinate the guy as he comes past you.

Then you can deal with the boat guys, but I've not completed that part yet since I didn't have much time to try it different ways as I was in a rush for time. Maybe tomorrow.
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7 years ago#15
What I did was jump in water, swam around to the port side of the boat. Climbed near the area where the two guards are. And when the patrolling guard walked by, I jumped on the ship. Threw a smoke bomb and continued with the assassination.
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6 years ago#16
A little late to the party, but this is pissing me off too.

Haven't beaten it yet, but here's a piece of advice:

if you want mouthy target loop to shut up, you can engage to the point of red the archer to your right as you start. This will make your target guy mute for the duration.

As for the guards, am doing dock guy from the east, then the two rear of the boat patrols, then the two front patrols.

It seems to work better to get the front dockside patrol from somewhere about 2/3 forward in his round, over the high railing...

Have not managed to get the two out back without being seen yet... but seems doable now.

Still a tedious arbitrary fail level
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6 years ago#17
Ok, got it, not bad after all.

Instead of just mopping up the guards around, did this:

Air assassinated the two guards at the top of the stairs to the dock.

From the top of the stairs, shot the guard patrolling the dock while he was by the front of the boat.

Both heavies and both front/side patrollers ran out onto the dock to check it out. shot two more, lucked out when one of the heavies fell in the water on his way back.

Now cleaned up the two rear patrollers by pulling them over the back, and double-assassinated the two by the wheel from the ledge on the right (notice your X to assassinate lights up while you are still on the railing).

Now, just targeted and air-killed the target.

Pain. Ah well. I complained more when the previous two were just RUN UP AND STAB THE GUY BEFORE EVERYONE GETS ALERTED yawntimes...
"Sunt lacrimae rerum et mentem mortalia tangunt"
6 years ago#18
Ok, I got a super easy way to beat this guy.

1) First kill the archer on the far left.
2) Air assassinate the two guards in front of the stairs.
3) Kill the guard walking on the wooden walkway (use the water to assassinate him).
4) Now the easy part. Stand hear the stairs and target one of the guards on the boat. Use your gun to kill one of the guards on the boat.
5) Once you killed him, run up the stairs. Both heavies will jump down the boat. One will jump into the water, the other will walk near the stairs. Your target will now stand in the middle of the boat.
6) Use your gun to shoot the other Heavy.
7) Your target should jump down the boat and stand on the walkway.
8) You should stand in the middle of the stairs and shoot him on the walkway with your gun. That's it.
9) Run up the stairs and hide in the market. That's it.

No need to sneak on the boat and try to kill the patrolling guards.
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