expose munitions- the switch?

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6 years ago#1

Hi,canany onetell me where exactly this switch is? I've beaten Knoxx twice and both times I've hit the elevator switch and gone down to the rooms with all the chests, and the countdown has started. Theres the little diamond waypoint just beside me, but I'm at a loss as to where to find it. appreciated in advance, thanks.

6 years ago#2

Hi, For anyone who encounters the same problem I had, here's the solution. When you enter the circular room with the computer console, there's a switch on the left and a lever on the right. Make sure you activate the switch on the left first. Then pull the lever on the right. If you pull the lever first you will not get a chance to activate the switch. You'll have to kill Knoxx again.

6 years ago#3
Yes, I did that. I then looted the Armory. The problem is that it still says to turn in the quest but according to the map, I need to turn in the quest inside of the Armory, which is now locked and I can't get into anymore. Any ideas on this would be helpful.
6 years ago#4
Hey, whats up. Yea, you have to turn that in back at the building where scooter has his workshop. There's a girl in the back room who accepts it off you, Anthea or something like that.
6 years ago#5
Got it
From way downtown...........BANG!

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