Prison break: over the wall

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User Info: revco39

7 years ago#1
I'm on prison break: over the wall. Have I got the right ramp?
Next to park and ride, beside a bomb sunk in the sand, just south of way point, metal ramp and jump through a hole?
Try as I might, I can't get enough height or distance to make it.
Any help greatly appreciated, cheers.

User Info: revco39

7 years ago#2
Ah. Never mind. Didn't realise you could get a racer that goes faster. This should work. Dumb :)

User Info: exchrystalsword

7 years ago#3
well you could just jump to the outside of the wall, walk over to the right side and there will be a huge opening. :)
PSN: Exchrystalsword

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