Weapons chest in Ridgeway

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User Info: adawong26

7 years ago#1
There's a weapons chest on top of the containers at the crimson lance roadblock, but I can't find a way to get the weapons. I can only open the chest when I jump and press [SQUARE], but I can't pick up the weapons. The weapons don't disappear, though. Does anyone have any idea how to get the weapons?

User Info: tpw87

7 years ago#2
If its the chest I think your talking about you can only get it while the road is blocked by those shipping contains your jump on tires to get on each tier think there was 3 then you walk along the wall to the containers the chest is on.

User Info: zebrahead6000

7 years ago#3
get a corrosive or fire long bow grenade mod and nade jump up to it if the road block is not there.

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