The secret bosses ?

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7 years ago#1
I was wondering if I'm missing something regarding the bosses locations and if they count towered the annihilating trophies, I already got all of them and finished the game till stage 100 ..
Yet I didn't get this trophy ):
Hint's/Clues ?
7 years ago#2
I'm confused on the 100 stages...I thought the original had about 16 levels. I just finished easy which was 10 levels...does normal difficulty go until level 100...or is this the online mode?
7 years ago#3
For the secret enemies, you need to find every secret enemy in the game (usually found by destroying breakable walls or killing certain enemies). Trophy should pop up in Stage 8 once you get the enemies there, provided you've gotten all the other ones along the way. Do this on Easy to save yourself some stress.

As for the 100 levels thing (which is on Normal only), after you clear stage 10, the game loops back to level 1 (as level 11). So basically for the Century Club Man trophy (or whatever it's called), you need to beat the game on Normal 10 times without dying in one sitting. Not that difficulty if you use the shield effectively.

Classic mode has the 16 levels I believe, but I haven't cleared that yet. I find it to be like "Hard Mode" compared to the remake.
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7 years ago#4
Thanks for the info. I'm enjoying this version more than the PSP one...maybe it's the controller. That's cool that normal mode loops, don't know if I'll want to play 100 levels though. :) It's nice that the classic version was included just to compare. I originally played/finished Thexder on the Apple II gs which looked and sounded much better than that!
7 years ago#5
@hardcore rpg gamer
Yes I did find all of those bosses, but not in one play through, I'll give it a go.
btw, Classic mode = brutal mode with awkward control << failed at stage 3
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