Finally made it to the "Platinum in Vanquish Brotherhood" !!!

#1ruiiurPosted 4/18/2012 3:47:23 AM

I finally won challenge 6!! After seen SOOOO many videos in youtube and reading strategies, i finally made it.

Wave 1,2 and 3 are a piece of cake, i do it in seven minutes easily. I personally think wave 4 is the most difficult. At first i got killed in the first seconds by the flying turrets and the mini purple missiles. Wave 5 i just played it 4 times but wave 4 i lost the counts.

Yesterday night i made it to wave 5 for the 3rd time did a 1/5 damage to both boggeys, lost and quit. Today i was at university and sensed a feeling it was going to be today i was going to make it. I arrived at home, sit on the couch and won it on the first try!

The difference from previous attempts was this time on wave 4 i killed the 2 scorpions with HMG and shotgun instead of using the rockt luncher + upgrade.

After killing the blue boggey with all the rockets + upgrade and finishing him of with the lock on laser, i picked his rocket luncher and i was so nervous/anxious that i missed the first rocket on the red boggey(hadn't locked on). Then i boost-dodged like crazy using HMG. When his life was almost over he went in my direction for a sword slice, but i took some risk and faith and he got a boost kick in tha face instead!  

All who can't do it, heres what i did:

Did wave 1 and 4 like this video:!

Did wave 3 like this video:

Did wave 2 and 5 like this video:

But in wave 2 i killed the boggey with a lock on laser; in wave 4 killed the scorpions with HMG and shotgun;in wave 5 killed the blue boggey with rocket and lock on laser and the red boggey with rocket dropped from blue boggey and finished him with HMG. Hope this hepls! Sorry for my english i'm Portuguese.

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Congrats! Feels great, huh?
And this time!
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Dude, you deserve it! It feels insanely good beating Challenge6. It's godly!
Now, for GOD HARD! You know you want it..
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Wow, this board has diminished in recent months. A shame :(

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It has indeed. There's still some regulars (Da Dood, myself, Mrstarkiller, Jester, BattlefrontPhil) that lurk around from time to time..but eventually the community just runs dry. A shame.
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You are GOD now.

Well done. It makes me jealous.
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Have you ever gotten back into Vanquish, Lance?
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Raeng posted...
It has indeed. There's still some regulars (Da Dood, myself, Mrstarkiller, Jester, BattlefrontPhil) that lurk around from time to time..but eventually the community just runs dry. A shame.
I am indeed still lurking. :P I'll admit I completely forgot this board the last few weeks of the semester but that's how it had to be.

Btw, I'm still not done with the PoP trilogy. I'm on my third and final playthrough of WW at the part where you first fight the Empress. I know I can do it but I've screwed up a couple of times and said "screw it' and went to play something else. Honestly, I'm gettting REALLY tired of PoP right now. Hopefully I will feel my interest start to rise again when I start The Two Thrones. I kinda wanna plat the first two before i start it. If I'm completely burn out when I finish, I may just sell it again while it's still worth ~$20 so that I can get Dark Souls asap. There's no question that I want to play that one eventually.

My other projects in the works are Red Alert 3 and Battlefield 3. I've had RA3 for a while but hadn't played it since last summer because it eats so much time. It's really a great game though, someday I'll have to get it for PC when I have a PC that can run it at max settings.

Battlefield 3 has some surprisingly nasty trophies. Chief among these are the co-op trophies which are worse because I can't seem to connect with the friend who I think would be the most help. (weird game-related issues)