What is the best team to be at in My Player mode?

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6 years ago#2
It depends on your position. Reference, don't try and be a hero shooting guard on the Miami Heat. Or pg on the bulls/jazz/celtics/thunder/hornets. I'm a shooting guard on the Bulls so I fit perfectly since Keith Bogans and Ronnie Brewer aren't that goood.
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6 years ago#3
As Wwe stated, look for a team that's weak in the position you wish to play at, you'll fit in a lot better that way and usually not completely destroy the team by lowering the morale of the other players.

If you're a Power Forward, Shooting Guard, or Small Forward, then being on the Heat for example isn't the best place for you, maybe not so bad as a PF, I'm no Bosh fan and he's not the greatest anyway, but you'll still cause a lot of friction taking a starting spot away from him and trades would eventually be made when their morale gets low, though its entirely possible you or he would be played at center instead, but its just usually best to find teams that are weak in your position.

So on the other hand, the Heat would make an excellent team for a Point Guard or Center because those are their weakest links, Lakers are great if you're a Point Guard or maybe Small Forward though not so much, Magic worked well for me as a Shooting Guard but I'd also love to be on the Bulls as an SG or the Jazz.

I'd play for the Hawks as a PG too.
6 years ago#4
Starting point guard for the heat baby
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6 years ago#5
Whatever team is your favorite. That "look for a team that is weak at your position" bs doesn't even matter in this game. If you play it right, they'll start you over someone rated a whole lot better than you.
6 years ago#6
^And not to mention he (or you for that matter) can be played in a different position, or he can strengthen the bench. >_>
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6 years ago#7
I got drafted by the Heat and I was a superstar off the bench..couldn't pass Wade at the time. I did so well when LBJ was injured..but I requested the trade and went to NJ lmao. I was the number 1 option, but my ultimate goal was to come home to Chicago. I got my trade on the very last day for Keith Bogans lol. Now I am averaging 30ppg 8ast 8rebs 2.6stl and 1.2 blocks as a sg.
"I want people to fear me"-Derrick Rose
6 years ago#8
I'm a C who got drafted to the Blazers. I got past Oden quickly but they sucked so I requested a trade. I'm on the Knicks now and loving having Amare.
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6 years ago#9
If you don't care then yeah going to whatever team doesn't matter but taking the starting position away from a star lowers their morale and usually the morale of the other players drastically, which lowers their rating, and their play, and then players start getting traded if a suitable trade can be found by the AI.

Do whatever you want it is called My Player after all, but if someone is going to ask for suggestions on where to go they're going to get the same answer from most people, take your player to a team where they'll fill a weak gap, because you'll have an easier time becoming a starter especially if you're not posting amazing numbers from the start and you'll cause a lot less low morale amongst your team mates when you do.

If you don't want to do that, there's no point asking where to go, pick a strong team or your favorite team and see what its like. Hell go to the Lakers with an SG and make Kobe play point, take a point guard to the hornets and force Paul into shooting guard. Make a small forward and go to the cavs then do what Lebron couldn't do and carry that sorry bunch to a championship or take them to game seven of the finals and just throw up bricks on purpose and force them to lose just to rub it in their faces then sign with Miami next year.
6 years ago#10
lmmfao I love the over dramatic responses that some people post, just trying to make themselves sound like they are right. If you start over someone rated better than you, morale and ratings are going to drop, trades are going to be made.....DOGS AND CATS ARE GOING TO START GETTING ALONG.
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