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User Info: picchikaru1

4 years ago#1
which enemies absorb and/or resist nature in the main storyline?

User Info: BlueKami

4 years ago#2
the only enemies i recall being nature element are humans and cougars/the tiger

User Info: runaway_angels

4 years ago#3
Fire Sorcerer: Absorbs fire.
Ice Sorcerer: Absorbs ice.
Nebirous: Absorbs Dark
Gold Spider: Immune to Holy.
Gold Archer/Guard: Absorbs holy.
Dark Muruk: Absorbs dark.
Frost Muruk: Absorbs ice.
Cougars: Nature Element.
Humans: Nature Element.
Chess: Nature Element
Giant Crab: Dark Element.
Kraken: Dark and Ice Element
Gold Coffin: Holy Element.
Everything else: Either Dark, Star, or non-Elemental.

The ones I listed with just a specific element can still be attacked with the same element-bound weapon. They don't resist or absorb, they are just of the element. Also, they are weak to the opposite element as well.
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