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What's the best way to get the rare materials? (Archived)RPGNinja123108/20/2012
I think the exact moment I fell for this game was... (Archived)Darth Rustito28/20/2012
How do I kill Lesser Shade? (Archived)thedeerzord48/20/2012
Point of no return? (Archived)Lark_XII38/20/2012
Do you need a guide? (Archived)
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Am I the only one that things... (Archived)Ifeno78/20/2012
Final Boss Battle Assistance (SPOILERS!) (Archived)Metalyellow98/20/2012
confused with multiplayer (Archived)THEITALIANZ33338/20/2012
Anybody guess how many copies were sold? (Archived)
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I think my GameStop's lying to me. (Archived)
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Terracor (Archived)Ambrup58/20/2012
There's this big mirror... (Archived)HitTheGroundWal38/20/2012
Summoning addict (Archived)tonycnyr68/20/2012
Chapter 1: Reptids' Cave - BOSS - Cocoon (VIDEO) (Archived)Shmylann1318/20/2012
Ordered my copy yesterday from Amazon. Will I get the art book? (Archived)
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Aromatic Grass128/20/2012
If they do make a sequel... (Archived)SuperGamecube6438/20/2012
Lame cutscene.... *Chapter 16 spoilers* (Archived)
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Here's a nice unboxing video for The Last Story... [and New Super Mario Bros. 2] (Archived)chrono0118/20/2012
Is there a way to talk to other players? (Archived)itsstillgood28/20/2012
The Last Story - North American Video Walkthrough - Chapter 1: Reptids' Cave (Archived)Shmylann1348/20/2012
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