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6 years ago#1
I love gusts games, and can't wait for this one.
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6 years ago#2
Cool, a new Judie game. It's a shame it will probably never come overseas.
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6 years ago#3
Gust games always come to the states, pretty much.
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6 years ago#4
I wouldn't say always. Lina and Riese haven't had a stateside release. All pre-Iris games: Violet, Judie, Elie, Marie, and Lilie, haven't either, but they're more understandable.
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6 years ago#5
Dude, did you order the game? I just saw on the Salburg site and so bought it. Micro fiber cloths, the mug, skins, and a tissue box! How awesome.
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6 years ago#6
What is this game like? Looks kinda cool.
6 years ago#7
If you've played Atelier Annie on the DS or any of the Atelier games pre-Iris, it's like that.

I'm assuming you haven't so it's pretty much a time management game. You have a goal to reach and in order to do so, you use alchemy and do quests generally. You get ingredients by going to areas and harvesting all the while time passes. So you don't have the luxury of just laxing around. If you're really interested in this game, I would avoid this until an english version comes out and try out Atelier Annie on the DS if possible or wait till Atelier Rorona on the PS3 comes out hopefully this summer to try the series.
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6 years ago#8
I think that there's a reason for, and a reason against, this game getting a US release:

On one hand, Judie, as mentioned, was one of the five Atelier games (six if you include Hermina and Culus) released before Iris, so at the time, the thinking may have been that the US market wasn't ready or willing for a game such as it. When Iris (which appears to be the first of the series with reasonably large RPG trappings, which may have helped) came stateside, they probably wanted to see what it could do. It did succeed, but probably as more of a niche title. Lise probably didn't make it stateside because they didn't think the series was faring too well on the PS2 and that other companies may not be interested (the game came out in Japan one year before Mana Khemia did in the US, but one year separation doesn't automatically mean it has no chance, just a miniscule one. Things may improve with her introduction in Annie). And Annie, while a mediocre performer in sales if I recall, wasn't too badly panned.

However, Judie's closest US companion - Annie - was, for all that needs to be said, a bit of a let-down. Following a high from the MK series, it was a step back on the mechanics that drove the RPG-aligned titles.

But the notable thing was that Annie, unlike the Iris trilogy, Mana Khemia and its sequel, and the soon-to-be Rorona, is a handheld title, and historically, consoles game series tend to suffer a small bit when stepped down into a handheld. and it didn't do too badly when you consider that. Finally, Judie is getting rereleased on the PSP. Conventionally, more mainstream anime-type games accumulate on Sony consoles, and since Annie didn't do too badly, Judie could easily rake in more on the PSP.

In the end, do I think Judie may make it stateside? It depends on just how well Annie does (or did). However, considering the original game came out long before Mana Khemia (likely the most successful Atelier title stateside) and just before Iris did, in addition to the ability that the series has shown in the US market (not runaway, but the niche helps a lot), they can likely take a chance on Judie in the US.
6 years ago#9
I'm really looking forward to this release....especially if it gets released in NA.

Honestly, I think that releasing these types of Atelier games would be an excellent addition to the lineup. When they released Annie, i was impressed.

Here's to Judie's release, and the releases of all future Atelier games in North America.
6 years ago#10
Yeah, I hope all Atelier games are released stateside. I hope people turned off by the time movement in Annie know that it is different and better. I really hated the time movement in Annie. It takes a day or two to get to a location, then while gathering in one area, it takes more time to walk from one end to another and pick stuff up? Everything else was fine with me, but that.

Thankfully it is better in Judie. For people wondering, it take a certain amount of days to travel somewhere, then while in the area, it takes what seems to be 5 minutes to travel between maps. Think Zelda on SNES, and each time you go to the next screen, a bit of time passes.

TBH, I wish they didn't take the chance on an original Atelier-style game on Annie and waited on Rorona's release, which will probably be better received than Annie. I think Annie probably hurts the chance for more Atelier games.
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