After Playing The First Game I am Interested In The Subject Matter

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A story with them as protagonists would simply need to invent equally powerful antagonists.

Correct, but there in lies the rub. Who, or what, in the world could possibly be as powerful as the freaking horsemen? The horsemen are supposed to be the end all be all. Literally. They come to end it all, but then our story telling reveals that there are beings out there that can go toe to toe with the horsemen? No way.

Of course!

The horsemen are those chosen to bring about the end of days. The fact that they have been tasked with the role doesn't mean the they are the only beings capable of doing so.

Besides it stands to reason that whoever tasked them with this must at least have the power of authority over them.

If you really do insist that in order to bring on the apocalypse they must be all powerful then that would be them as a group and not as individuals. Maybe there limitations stems from their seperation.
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