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5 years ago#1
I'm playing Darksiders for the first time and it's great. I hear people complain about a few issues, but I have yet to see any. What are the developers taking care of this time around?
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5 years ago#2
Glad to hear you're enjoying running around as harass War (I absolutely loved Darksiders).:D

This time around we will be playing as Death and the game will be set during the events of the first.

Death will spend most, if not all, of the game wondering through the underworld trying to discover what has caused his fellow horseman to fall out of favour with the powers that be.

The locations are suppose to be more diverse and detailed. Levels and story to contain greater depth and everything is meant to be more organic.

Death himself is supposedly more agile and both movement and combat will be swifter and more fluid.

We also now have the ability to loot fallen enemies for armour and adhoc weapons.

Check out some of the footage and interviews on YouTube and I'm sure you will not be disappointed
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5 years ago#3
Some people complained about the story and controls of the game. Will that be fixed?
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5 years ago#4
As far as I know the controls haven't changed a great deal (maybe minor tweaks and slight adjustments to coincide with Deaths unique skills).

Story has apparently been greatly improved upon and is set to be a lot deeper and organic.

I personally loved both of these aspects in the first game so I'll be happy regardless.
GT = Maverick Guyver:- Who needs a main? With random select I can use everyone's moves! :D
5 years ago#5
And what about the soundtrack? Darksiders has a wonderful atmosphere, but I can't help but miss having music when I play in dungeons.

I'm on a replay of Star Fox Adventures and I enjoy having background music. I'm not going to make a big deal out of it, but did they say anything?
Gamertag: OgnarPliskin
5 years ago#6
Not really heard much about music.

There is a musical score, since its been accredited, but to what extent it will feature in game I have no idea
GT = Maverick Guyver:- Who needs a main? With random select I can use everyone's moves! :D
5 years ago#7
Going to be more RPG-like too, from the interviews I've seen. Much larger areas and more of an open world feel with NPCs, quests, enemies dropping loot, stats to build up, skill trees to help you specialise...

It seems like it's going to be a whole different animal.
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5 years ago#8

i dont have  a good feeling about the loot system....they could easily keep the old currency system that had souls as money and then maybe expand it to  a wider range of npcs that sell stuff or upgrade weapons


looting might cut the pace of the game i think and its a bad implementation on hack and slash games....guess we ll have to wait and see

4 years ago#9
I remember a statement that the entire point of the loot system was because they didn't want every player to have the exact same image of Death by the end, like they did with War.

Every piece is supposed to have effects that bolster specific abilities, like attack or defense, or increase the effects of Death's special attacks, and are unique visually from each other. What was implied to me was that there will not be a singular "this is better than this" progression, but will provide options for what the player will want to focus on.

The other bit I remember is that Death is considerably more agile than War. Death is unable to even block to defend himself, but he is much more evasive, and this will also play into navigation, possibly even to Prince of Persia-like running and platforming.

And I can agree wholeheartedly about the first game's lackluster soundtrack. I ended up putting a whole bunch of songs on a flash drive to listen to during the game, changing them on the situation and/or location. Made it much more fun.

Though if this one's soundtrack turns out fairly poor as well, I've already selected this as my boss theme:
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4 years ago#10
It's not really bad music at all. I've gotten used to it and accepted it for what it is.

Nothing beats listening to the BGM of a temple theme in Zelda but it's better than nothing at all.
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