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Where is the compass in lost and found 3

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4 years ago#1
Im having a terrible time trying to find it. I already beat the temple, but I cant find it.

And yes, I have google searched and searched the boards for this answer
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4 years ago#2
In the very last room, I believe it overlooks the tree.
4 years ago#3
Is that the same room where u awaken the guardian or the last inside room?
4 years ago#4
I must be blind or something, because I can't seem to find it either. I've looked all over the last room and I don't see it.
4 years ago#5
Me too
4 years ago#6
Let me know ASAP if anyone finds it
4 years ago#7
It's in the room right b4 the one with a big white dot! It's under the arch
4 years ago#8
I keep trying to find this thing and never seeing it. I think the spot that everyone is talking about is where you find the first compass, when you go through the dungeon the first time. When you take it back to Varn(?) is when he gives you the three lost and found quests, the third being to find another compass. I may be completely wrong in how I'm remembering it, but I'm pretty sure that up the waterfall is where you get the first one.

SO, does anyone really know where the next compass is found?
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4 years ago#9

Sorry about the quality, I don't have an HDTV.
The compass is the white circle thing directly above Death's head.
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