Collectable Gnomes, Orans parts, Arbiters Maze , and legendary weapon guide

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Second Mars rover, Bicuriousity, also open to exploring Uranus
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kyle78 posted...
TC, level 4 exit is incorrect!

Its actually west, east, north, north. for level 4 on Soul Arbiter's maze. hope that helps ya.
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Should at least say where you took this from.
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i bought the official guide from prima games but i would like to print out all the maps so the eguide would be the better choise but i don't want to spend another 20 bucks. does anybody know if prima offers a free / reduced eguide version for anybody who already purchased the physical book? using printed maps is better since i don't have to rip the pages out of the book to cross out all the collectibles and besides that the book smells very bad (makes my nose ache).
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Awesome list of goodies TC, thank you for this.

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