Need Help with Major Freezing Problem (SPOILERS)

#1terb8210Posted 12/30/2012 8:05:05 AM
As you can tell I am in need of major help.

When I first got the game, many reviews that I read said that the game had freezing issues, but for the most part ran well for me, only freezing once or twice at most, But now I am at an impass.

It started right in the third part of the game, after I decided to play the DLC campaign that I had downloaded (and finished Abyssal Forge and Demon Lord) that the problems started to occure.

It became obvious that I had a big problem when inside the weeping Crag in the treasure room (which requires the voidwalker to enter) that my game would freeze when I tryed to manually save the game and would do so each and every time. I went online and was told that the weapons from the DLC campaign usually caused a lot of freezing problems, so I went and sold off the weapons. This seemed to work for the most part, except for now.

I am currently in the ivory citadel and am in the area where a chest will pop up after I destroy the four jars that any attempt to manually save (or shoot the nearby stone bit) will result in the game freezing. I have tryed clearing my system catche as another topic suggested but it has not helped

Could someone please help me or has it gotten so bad that my only choice will be to delete my save file and start all over again?