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3 years ago#1
So i found a weapon and when i went to equip it there was an option that said "upgrade". At this point i had a whole ton of junk to put into it. i upgraded it to the max that it would allow. i was wondering that because there were so many side effects to putting weapons and armor into it, do certain things (aka certain armors or weapons) give any attributes to the weapon when you're upgrading it?
3 years ago#2
These weapons are called Possessed Weapons. They enables you to beat the game at ease. (Feels like cheating on 2nd playthrough)

What level are you at?

Before I start anything, remind yourself NOT to open all the chest from now onward because you'll need them when you're at level 21 & 22.


If you below level 15, the best stats that worked for me are critical chance, health on crit, wrath on crit and an elemental damage of your choice. (I prefer frost/ice cuz frost can slow enemies while ice can freeze them). Health on crit and wrath on crit does not have to be on the same weapon so you can put anything you want.

If you already passed level 15, I suggest you find enough BotD pages and get Demonheart talisman (Forgot which tomb, sorry). After getting the talisman, do a power save on a merchant hoping you'll get a weapon with health steal / wrath steal. Now your job is to do a power save near a chest and hope to get a PW. The stats will be different now as you've obtained the steal stats. The 3 important stats for possessed scythes are health steal, critical chance and critical damage. For slow PW, wrath steal, strength and critical damage. For fast PW, wrath steal, critical chance and critical damage. The 4th stat can be anything you want.

Either that or you can ask some people from this board to give you an empty PW.
3 years ago#3
Ah tyvm just turned got to 15. Thx for the advice too i really appreciate it
3 years ago#4
When you say Power Save you mean save then turn the power off on the Xbox?
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