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StickyCollectable Gnomes, Orans parts, Arbiters Maze , and legendary weapon guide (Sticky)
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Pay it Forward AchievementGamerguymass79/20 10:58AM
I need helpkeyspoy38/26 8:30PM
I don't even know how to rate this game.HeroicSomaCruz48/26 8:27PM
Need help in LostlightSMYelich18/26 3:12PM
City of the Dead question/glitch maybe? (Archived)SMYelich18/21 3:53PM
Scepter of the Deposed King (Archived)Yggdrasill9227/23 11:18PM
DLC worth getting? (Archived)BangoSkank17/23 5:58PM
different weapons = different health + wrath steal %s? (Archived)renraw900217/12 11:53PM
does this game has as many mandatory fights as the 1st game? also (Archived)danusty26/20 1:21AM
Quick dlc question (Archived)GregsterGT16/8 1:16AM
Various questions about the game (I'm level 14, in the Kingdom of the Dead). (Archived)Justice9840525/25 4:40PM
Wow I'm glad I bought this used from gamestop (Archived)azuretide45/22 6:05AM
How to get back into Gilded Arena? (Archived)Gabriel_Deroche25/19 9:05PM
Darksiders 3 Information on the Way (Archived)Dark_N1115/12 8:50AM
Any recent news for Darksiders 3? (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
Fear_Awakens125/8 6:20AM
Stuck In The Ivory Citadel (Archived)EnigmaDragon45/2 1:41PM
Need some general advice (Archived)MosquitoSmasher34/30 4:36AM
Need a friend for achievement (Archived)yankiller54/27 9:34PM
Darksiders 2 Weapon/Armor sharing (Archived)BoreiBahamut24/24 12:25PM
A few things folks may want to know in Darksiders 2... (Archived)Jonny_Panic74/22 7:26PM
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