Should Darksiders 3 have another 1 playable Horseman or bring all 4 at once?

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achtungnight posted...
I agree that Famine and Pestilence would have been way cooler than Strife and Fury- opinion based on their appearances in Supernatural Season 5 (War & Death were pretty cool in there too). However since Darksiders 1 was awesome and 2 looks good also, I have high hopes for what they do with the other Horsemen. I pray to God they get the chance.

haha cant not give props for the supernatural is awesome...only problem there is if you try to boil it down...gettin really sick and having people gorging..alot of it could seem the same for both

im just trying to not think about this game for the next little while, i cant wait
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I too see that the next Darksiders game should feature both remaining Horsemen. Give 3 dungeons per Horseman, but with a few spots where only one Horseman can access, leaving the other to explore past dungeons with its own abilities.
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Actually, what they should do for Darksiders 3 is this:
- Make it a real sequel, like that it continues where the first game left off, not something when the first game was going on like this game.
- Have all 4 Horsemen playables
- Have 3 good dungeons per Horseman, but have hidden areas accessible only by the other Horsemen and their unique abilities. That would lead to secret bosses and items.
- Have 2 or 3 bosses that require the players to use more than one Horseman, like a Tag-Teaming battle (one with War and Fury, one with Death and Strife and the final one with all 4, for instance)
- Have a streamlined upgrade system, like all primary weapons get upgraded at the same time, so you don't get one Horseman powered-up and 3 others underpowered. I'm not suggesting that ALL of it is streamlined and grouped like that, but just a few element like that would be appreciated, like Health, Wrath and primary weapon upgradability.
Yes, I'm Canadian. Yes, I speak french. Yes, I live in Quebec.