where are the abyssal armor pieces?

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4 years ago#1
I have completed the Book Pages for the Abyssal Chest and I completed the 50 Waves of Enemies in The Crucible for the Abysal Boots. Anyone know what you have to do to get the Abyssal Shoulders and the Hands? Thanks.
4 years ago#2
The shoulders come from completing 100 waves in the Crucible. I can't verify this though, just what I found through some research. I don't know about the hands though.
4 years ago#3
Ok, found out about the armor, the shoulders are from The Crucible for completing 100 Waves and the Hands are from recovering all of the Lost Relics.
4 years ago#4
What the...
Things just became epic...how many pieces are there?
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4 years ago#5
Abyssal Boots - Waves 26-50 Crucible

Abyssal Spaulders - Waves 76-100 Crucible

Abyssal Armor - Death Tomb 4 break all pots (12)

Abyssal Gauntlets - Return all relics to Ostegoth
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4 years ago#6
4 Parts, You Equip each as you get them.
4 years ago#7
Sadly, each of the pieces are not that great by themselves. I have them all except the shoulder armor. I'm hoping the extra stats for equipping all four pays off because getting the shoulder armor through the Crucible is a pain in the butt.
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  3. where are the abyssal armor pieces?

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