Darksiders 2 for 9,99 euro on PSN seems like it is a mistake! You can get it now

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if you're fast. This is the Dutch PSN store btw, not sure if they also made this mistake on other EU stores, but I'm guessing its all the same store just in different languages right?

This is an update on my last post.

I found another page which said the Darkness 2 for 9,99. When I opened the folder it said Darksiders 2.

I think they meant to sell Darkness 2 for 9,99 and uploaded Darksiders 2 by accident. Of course, mine is still downloading so I still have to confirm if all is well, but the download says Darksiders 2 full digital game and is now on 25% so all seems well so far.

I found Darksiders 2 under 'prijsverlagingen' and Darkness 2 under 'deals van de week' or something like that. When I opened Darkness 2 it also turned out to be Darksiders 2.

Just yesterday it saw it for 65 on Xbox marketplace so it seems very unlikely to me that they did this on purpose. Especially since it seems to be mixed up with Darkness 2.
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There are even two more downloads included:
- smeltkroespas (whatever that is supposed to mean, online pass?)
- official soundtrack
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I just bought it on the UK store for 7.99. So probably not a mistake.
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Hello fellow Dutchman! (are you? :S)
No, this is not a mistake, nor is this a temporary sale; the price was recently cut. There were other games as well which got this treatment, but I forgot which ones >_>
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