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question about the Soul Arbiter's Maze (Archived)Rubescent312/23/2012
Does too much loot ruin darksiders 2? (Archived)
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Is the game still plagued with those gamebreaking glitches? (Archived)GoreGross412/23/2012
THQ files for bankruptcy.... (Archived)ObsidianTurncoat312/23/2012
darksiders 2 story trailer (Archived)yomo110212/22/2012
Farming possessed weapons....2-4 every couple minutes (Archived)djwishes512/22/2012
Need a friend to send a gift to (Archived)Ziggletooth312/21/2012
Some questions about DLC and menus (Archived)JusticeLeaguer8212/20/2012
Just got this. Soundtrack question (Archived)Michael_FF5212/18/2012
Question About DLCs (Archived)I_Monarch412/17/2012
banewood book (Archived)brackenmists1012/16/2012
Yet another Glitch topic, Black Stone this time. (Archived)pkingdom912/16/2012
Where do i Buy Health Potions (Archived)Lingtime212/15/2012
Arbiters Maze - fourth floor will not load (Archived)progoalie30112/14/2012
Abyssal forge won't load...any suggestions? (Archived)JinSaotome41112/14/2012
Does duplicating equipment still work with the latest patch? (Archived)Rebellian412/14/2012
cannot grab purple crystal while wall running (Archived)lordshodan212/12/2012
Starting Apocalyptic (no NG+) need good advice (Weapons, Armor, Upgrades...) (Archived)
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Thinking about getting the Platinum Trophy (Archived)FilkoRn412/11/2012
Confused about what stats to focus on with my build (Archived)NES Kess312/10/2012
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