Easy Coins Quickly in MUT... no need to buy!

#1RPGSandMTGPosted 8/27/2010 6:47:42 AM
No need to buy coins... the easiest way to get a good team is to complete all the collections that give 25,000 coins. Here is a strategy that made this extremely easy...

First, set the difficulty to All-Madden, then turn all the sliders down to 0 on the CPU skill... this will make even the All-Madden setting quite easy, and will not reduce the bonus points for playing on All-Madden.

Next, turn off the offsides penalty... you still have to be careful not to touch someone before the snap or you'll get called for Encroachment, but if you position a defender between the QB and RB, pinch your line, you'll get a hit for a loss every play.

Only buy bronze packs to keep your supply of terrible players out there, and save injury/contract cards for later. Once you get to about 6,000 coins, you can start your basic coin multiplication...

From the packs you've been buying after each game, you should have at least 4/16 in one of the many collections that gives 25,000 coins. Hit the auction block and purchase the rest of the cards needed to finish the set... it seems that there is so much flooding, you can usually win practically any of these low-level cards for only 500 coins.

Once you spend the 6,000 coins on 12 cards at 500 coins, you'll finish the first collection and get 25,000 coins. Go back to the auction block and finish all the other collections that give 25,000 coins.

At this point, you've basically turned your 6,000 coins into 300,000 coins (12 collections giving 25,000 coins... coach, stadium, o playbook, d playbook, home uniform, and away uniform... for both AFC and NFC...

You also should have received a decent number of silver cards from the bronze packs you were using, which gives you a decent foundation when you're ready to play... and you'll have quite a few injury/contract cards.

Go ahead and buy 5-10 of the ultimate packs and with any luck, you'll be able to put together a team rated in the 80s and can compete online. Playing online yields a lot more coins than playing even against an All-Madden cheaply overpowered CPU, so you should be able to continue stacking coins without a problem going forward.
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This is good stuff...I'm a noob to Ultimate Team, I got the 20,000 coins from Gamestop so I started messing around with it a little but my team was horrible. I had about 9000 coins left when I first read this topic, and I've turned that into over 40000 over the last hour or so without even playing a game. Once you get one of those 25,000 collections done it gets you jump started big time. Thanks for the tip. ;)
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nice ..sticky

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Thanks for posting this! I also requested a sticky.
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Or you could play normally. But not everyone is as good as me, so stickied.
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well nope this screwed me over u cant buy 12 collection cards for all 500 each some are gold/silver so now im stuck with contractless players and no coins

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I was gonna post that. There are some cards that you can only buy for 1000 or 1500 at the lowest, so plan for that. Also there are a lot of bronze level cards that are simply not available in auctions or are very hard to find. Once you do find these cards you will be forced to pay the buy it now price or else someone else who is trying to make the collections will. It costs a lot to make some of the collections.
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Also, I have completed all of the AFC/NFC Collections and trust me, you dont come out that far on top of most of them.
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Like I said, I had about 9000 coins when I started with the collections. If you can get one of them finished, you're in great shape. Between going for collections and buying bronze packs and selling any coaches/unis/stadiums you don't need, you can turn things around pretty quickly. I built my coins up to about 75,000 last night and bought some platinum packs that raised my team from a 67 to a 78, and had about 40,000 left over. With that I bought more bronze packs and sold a bunch of stuff and am back in the mid 50,000's again.
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