Sunsoft must enjoy slapping it's fans in the face.

#1DrCiddPosted 4/22/2012 5:23:29 PM
I was really excited for this game.YES! Finally a new Blaster Master in the classic style!
I was waiting for this game to be just as amazing as the old one, and then what I get is a lackluster experience from a mediocre game.

Save points are nice I guess, but the game it's self is just...meh.
The controls were stiff, and the dungeon areas weren't challenging. Not in the sense that makes challenge fun. The idea seemed to be to overwhelm you with monsters to the point that the entire screen is filled with bullets.

The areas were very short and felt extremely uninspired. Even the Sophia upgrades weren't that good. And my god the drill sound effect gets nauseatingly bad after a while.

Just feels like they made this only to cash in on the popularity of the original game.
Which is sad, because it could have been SO MUCH more. I think I liked the one on playstation better than this. And that's saying a lot.

Anyone else feel this way?
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