Good game, could've been better

#1PaulJAPosted 11/4/2013 11:54:50 PM
Awesome music, well-voiced characters, nice colourful world, jokes actually fit and not detract from immersion, interesting control scheme. Buggy as hell though, multiplayer certainly would be a blast.

Just wanted to rant on the inconsistencies in the controls. I notice if you spam a combo fast enough, it'll eventually misfire and not register something... and at the speed of the action the game runs at, usually results in a cheap (thus frustrating) death. I wouldn't be pissed if I did something stupid and got myself cornered - I can learn from that. I'm pissed because the exact same sequence of keys I'm pressing don't result in the same outcome, despite nothing else changing.

I'm not on fire, not wet, etc, thus no reason why the spell would fail. Lo and behold, if you slow down enough to mentally voice aloud in your head "Okay, press THIS, then THIS, then THIS, then THIS, and CLICK", you're fine. But nooo, if you simply gun through the sequence, after several iterations blam, it doesn't fire - usually the click, for some mysterious reason, then of course your character will be stuck with a full 5 elements queued. This is made worse by the fact you move slower with stuff queued, and you can't simply empty the queue, you have to cast to get rid of it.

So there you are, left hand already speeding through another sequence, mouse hand ready to click cast, but of course it takes a couple of miliseconds for your eyes to catch up and notice oh hey wait a minute the queue got stuck, again. Sometimes you can recover, often you can't. It's these stupid deaths that detract from things.

Then there are some fights that are just plain stupid. Mostly the ones where the enemies jump/charge you - I'm thinking that ambush just before the end at the village before reaching the city, and the boss fight vs Khan. One slip up, and under the wheels of the bus you go - as soon as you get up, you're tossed off your feet again by the throng or boss around you. It's like stunlocking. Not to mention recovering from dying is similarly stupid, you reappear right where you died... and usually that's exactly in the center of the mob which swarmed you in the first place. Screw that crap. Sure, you're invulnerable for like 2 seconds, but unless you have teleport it's possible a bad position finds you jammed in a corner somewhere, so you get killed right again, making that res fairy basically useless. Khan's fight is something like that - if you start running, you can't stop. He'll just keep lunging at you until he eventually hits, then game over because when he connects good luck getting away. Sure, that behaviour means he eats mines to the face like a tard, but how is that any kind of satisfying "boss fight"? It's no tough slugathon, just some cheap ass boss with a cheap ass gimmick. Sadly quite a few of the harder fights are pretty much that.

Meh. Other than that, it was actually alright. At least the game gave you infinite lives (actually it simply didn't keep count, merely always restarted from the last checkpoint), and while some of the checkpoints could've definitely been positioned better, the levels were largely not too annoying. I actually didn't really like the spell casting scheme, as 2 rows of 4 keys for one hand is best described as biting off more than you can chew. Can anyone honestly say they never once took their eyes off the screen to look at the keys? There were times when I definitely did, and I'm a >80 WPM typist so it's not like I'm unfamiliar with a keyboard. Sure, I got through most of it just fine with a core bunch of spells and a couple of magicks memorized, but certain sections requiring deviation from those - like the damn dwarves, cough - and I'd be glancing down to make sure I didn't screw up that elemental summoning. Couple the finger gymnastics with the first problem I mentioned (spell queue screwing up) and yeah, it's definitely not one of the more pleasant control schemes. Fortunately the game can be completed in a day, so there's that.