Ryloth and Maridun Space Battles (Gold Bricks)

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5 years ago#1
For some reason when I go into space in either the Ryloth or Maridun systems the gold brick mission doesn't show up. Do I need to be in a certain type of ship or what? These are the last two bricks I need before 100% completion.
5 years ago#2
Everytime I go out between the ships there is only space debris, there is no gold brick in a bubble. I have tried different characters and different ships. I even went to Best Buy and looked in the Prima official guide and all it said was that Ryloth's space battle was to shoot down Separatist ships and Maridun's was to shoot down Republic ships and that you could use any ship to do so. If this is a game glitch then that sucks becasue I have every achievement but the gold bricks and 100% completion and I wasted alot of time trying to figure this out. Has anyone else encountered this problem?
5 years ago#3
On a couple of the space levels, there's a peice of debris you need to blast that's right outside the Resolute, or a wrecked Ep1 cruiser right next to the Invisible Hand. Once you blast those with the ship's guns, the space battle will be unlocked
5 years ago#4
Oh man, I forgot about that. Thanks a million!
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5 years ago#6

Thanks a million for the help with this one. We were going crazy trying to find the last two gold bricks so we could 1000 this game and take it back. lulz, thanks again for the help!

5 years ago#7
Good deal, thanks for the info.
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5 years ago#8
Thanks for the info. Use the Hand's turrets to get Maridun's Space Mission. :D
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