Totally stuck on 2 Mini Kit Parts!

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5 years ago#1
I need some help locating the last 2 mini kit parts.

The first one is in the space portion of Mission 2
I have the ones from the destroy 3 floating objects, and destroy 10 panels.

The other one is from Mission 7
There is the one I get from destroying all the bombers

Please help! You will get credit in the eventual walkthrough.

Pretty odd that both are in the vehicle sections of the levels.
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5 years ago#2
Hi Eric! I think in level 7, you have to hit the pink panels on the ship. The mini-kit shows up between the tail fins on the ship. I can't wait for you to finish the walk through. I only have 10 mini-kits to find. Thanks for the help you have given me on all the other LEGO DS games!
5 years ago#3
I just got the last one in level 2! You have to shoot the debris floating around.
5 years ago#4
Oops! on level 7 I don't think they were pink blocks. They might have been blue. I tried going back through that level but the blocks were gone.
On level 2, you have to blow up 3 pieces of debris. I had to just keep trying different ones.

Hope that helps clarify things.
5 years ago#5

I kind of figured out where they were.

I let the Bombers bomb the Republic Attack Cruiser, and yes the part showed up behind the ship. Unless it was there the whole time (these are pretty hard to see in the vehicle levels).

In the 2nd Mission the kit I was missing was just floating to the right of the Ion Cannon on the Malevolence.

I had gotten the floating debris, and the shoot the 10 blue panels on the Malevolence.

I am up to mission 2 in the walkthrough. I have beaten the game 100%.

I have a "rough draft" of the whole walkthrough with all the characters, the mission titles, and even some of the Mini-Kit/Red Brick locations. I will probably have to go back through the game (in a new game) to remember which "green check marks" are Kits, and which ones are Bricks.
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5 years ago#6
cant wait for the walk thru eric! i have the whole game pretty much wrapped up but i cant seem to get a couple of the mini kits. also, is it just me? or was this game a bit short? i have the other games on ps 2 and took me a bit longer to get thru those. even tho ive played them a few times so know where everything is. this one i had completed, minus the missing mini kits, over the weekend. this is however my first hand held. is this normal for the hand helds?
5 years ago#7
LEGO Star Wars The Complete Saga game for the DS is way longer since it covers all 6 movies.
LEGO Indiana Jones The Original Adventures covers the first 3 movies.
LEGO Batman has 3 Missions for the Good Guys, and 3 Missions for the Bad Guys.
LEGO Indiana Jones 2 covers The Crystal Skull movie, but also has a rather large Island to explore.
LEGO Harry Potter Years 1-4 covers the first 4 movies.

These are of course on the DS.

The console versions usually are larger, and do take more time to beat.

If you have a PS2, check out both LEGO Indiana Jones, and LEGO Batman. Both should be under $20 by now.

Unfortunately those are the last 2 LEGO games for that console. Not really sure why they could not do LEGO Harry Potter, LEGO Indiana Jones 2, or even LEGO Rockband for PS2 since they did put them on the Wii...

This game is only 13 Missions long, so it does take a bit less time.

I think the LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean game will probably be longer, since it is supposed to cover all 4 movies (Including the new one).
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5 years ago#8
I'm stuck on 2 minikits. I know where they are, but not sure how to get them.

1. Mission 11 - Liberty on Ryloth in Act 1
At the very beginning. I see there are rocks with a hint of a minikit. I'm assuming I need to power-up the AT-AT (Not sure what it's called) to fire the gun or something. Not sure if this assumption is correct. In any event, how do I go about getting this minikit?

2. Mission 13 - Legacy of Terror in Act 3
After I kill the beast, I starting running from the collapsing cavern/dust cloud. I notice there is a minikit (engulf by the dust cloud) at the start unless I missing something. How do I get it?

5 years ago#9

I am also stuck on that same spot on mission 11.
I do know how to finish the other one...Just run really fast without dying. It is at the end of the path.

Hope this helps!
5 years ago#10
How do you get minikit 5 in Ambush? I've already got a sith character.
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