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What do you do when contracts expire in UT?

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6 years ago#1
Sorry I'm new to UT just today. But I've played 7 games and I already have 7 players contracts expire. What do i do with these players? Can I re-sign them? Is there a way to sign players before their contracts expire? Was liking this mode until this happened. Seems realy dumb.
6 years ago#2
You can either buy contract cards, either in packs, or in auctions, or simply buy new players who have contracts remaining on them. If you just started, your players are most likely bronze, and therefore relatively cheap to replace, and so buying new players is probably the more prudent option at this juncture in time.
6 years ago#3
Well I have been buying players but I still have a few bronze players in my squad that have been quite useful and now their contracts are expired. I don't have much money to buy any new players. I guess I have to play a llittle bit with the guys I have under contract to get more coins. Not really liking this at all. Like I said, I was enjoying this mode until this.
6 years ago#4
I went through the same thing when I was first starting out. It really kills you when you start winning games and you try to start a new one and half of your squad is ineligible. But eventually, you work out a system for keeping your players with a lot of games on them. I have two full squads that have 30+ games on them. However, because of that, I haven't been able to buy the best players that are available in comparison to my budget. It's a trade-off. But that's how running a real team is. You have to balance player quality and squad loyalty in order to maintain contracts. It is kind of inconvenient, but once you get into it, it's addicting.
6 years ago#5

The thing I do is search for contracts, select the class, then go to buy now price, start at 150, if there is none up for trading go to 200, and so on. Saves money and time.

6 years ago#6
You shouldn't have to pay more than 200 coins for a gold contract. Just go to the auction and search for gold contract cards with a BIN of 200. If none come up then keep refreshing, they show up a half dozen at a time, and people buy them quick, but you can grab them as well at that price.
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