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I have nba elite 11!!!!! Ask me something!!! (Archived)joshr199031/23/2012
lololol (Archived)YouVandal337/26/2011
Thought tony parker was on the cover (Archived)JOKER67715/4/2011
New ea basketball game not releasing untill 2012. (Archived)shogunbowling14/6/2011
Game of the Year (Archived)Paradox31343/16/2011
How do you do the hook shot? (Archived)ManillaRoad31/27/2011
Worst NBA Live game EVER? (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2, 3 ]
LOL! game got cancelled! (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
Question for Cavs Fans (Archived)lilgiss1212/18/2010
i am new to this game! how come players dont get red carded for fouling? (Archived)lord_klavier212/15/2010
The Fans are crying in the Corner now LOL (Archived)
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2K destroys EA lol (Archived)Outlaw101811/29/2010
IGN: Doing the Right Thing (Basically what i said about the canceling) (Archived)Badasi12b411/29/2010
Are you supposed to be able to only control your player in "My Player" mode? (Archived)mroose11311/22/2010
officially CANCELLED... (Archived)
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Basketball is my favorite sport (Archived)TheHollywoodGPU411/20/2010
The only reason I'm sad this got canned (Archived)Jetanium4211/18/2010
Why do some Live fans find 2K boring and slow? (Archived)
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Omg I can't for this to own 2k11 (Archived)maddawg223311/8/2010
nba elite game is out for iphone and itouch ! (Archived)ray3473211/6/2010
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