FIFA 11 windows 7 problem!!!!

#1russian_takeoutPosted 10/5/2010 5:03:25 PM

hey there.

i have a problem running FIFA 11 on my new pc with windows 7. its way over the requirements:

CPU intel i5 760

8gb ram

nvidia gtx460

OS windows 7 64bit

problem is when i run the game, screen with KAKA shows up, and then the game crashes with message: FIFA 11 has stoped working.

i know there was a problem with fifa 10, spent countless hours but couldnt get anything through EAsports or google to solve the problem. also tried to run the game in different compability mode. same thi8ng. by the weay, OS and the gameoriginaly bouth, so there is no problem with serials or whatever.

if any one has an idea what can be done, please give me a hand.