Isabella questioning beliefs, am i screwed?

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5 years ago#1
Okay, I didnt notice I had earned this quest to meet Isabella at The Hanged man until AFTER I give her the relic and she skips out completely...the only thing left for me to do is a quest that ends the Act all together...WTF is this a known problem? I reloaded to see if I just didnt realize when it was far I have done all quests up until the point where I go with her to get the relic...and if this is the case...why on earth does the quest get activated ONCE SHES GONE..I obviously cant talk to her if shes
5 years ago#2
Maybe you should have checked on her before doing that quest
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5 years ago#3
*sigh*...I hate when people dont understand what im saying

Sir, the quest does not activate...or appear in my journal...until AFTER she leaves the game....I reloaded to double check if this was the case...and it would appear it IS in fact the case....because I can only do one quest right now...and thats the one that makes her
5 years ago#4
bugged and prolly gone.
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5 years ago#5
Has this happened to anyone else?
5 years ago#6
Not this, but I had a similar issue with Anders.... =/

The way the quests toggle is prolly in relation to the character's relationship - but not in relation to the questline of the main story itself... which... makes no sense since it allows for weird crap like this to happen.
Jill Valentine > You
5 years ago#7
ggggrr what a stupid freaking thing...and it really baffles me too because I have literally done NOTHING that Isabella did not like...almost every time anything happened her approval rating went it makes no sense that I would earn the amount of approval required once its too late.
5 years ago#8
If I understand your awesome grammar, I assume you are on act 2? Just start the final event. She'll be back.
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5 years ago#9
Yup, cause adding in a few extra periods just makes things SO hard to comprehend right?

5 years ago#10
Your syntax is totally off, man. I get it, though. We're being Grammar Policemen and hating on your attempts to have this stuff fixed.
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