Mage: Robe of the overseer. Where? (minor spoilers)

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5 years ago#1
Can I get the Robe of the Overseer in act 2? I have all other pieces. If I have to wait for act 3 that sux. Bad design. May as well just go for Champion Armor right?
XBL---Shanghai Hepcat
5 years ago#2
I had the same problem, you CAN get it in act 2 on a quest I think - but I found it in act 3 after I already had much better stuff, and I was like "so THATS where it was!". I can't remember where now though..

the wiki says.."Found in a grave in the Mountain Graveyard just beyond Sundermount Passage during Act 3."

..oh I was wrong. It appeared on Merrils quest now I think about it - a bit pointless as I already had most of the champions gear by that point!
5 years ago#3
thx Kill you mean Merril's quest involving the mirror?
XBL---Shanghai Hepcat
5 years ago#4
ok...not in Sundermount (at least in act 2)...not in Mountaintop Graveyard either (other cool stuff though)... this is bad design rogue has full set of equivilent armor (forgot name) while still in act 2
XBL---Shanghai Hepcat
5 years ago#5
For whatever reason, the Warrior and Mage chest armor for Act 2 is in Act 3...makes no sense, because you can go dance with the monster that gives you the Champion Chestpiece right out of the gate.

As far as I can tell, the Overseer chest is only in Act 3, in a grave up on Sundermount.
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5 years ago#6
I tried after doing (just about) every quest (may have forgotten a couple times) to see if it would become available in act never did. I can not get it until act 3
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5 years ago#7
thanks for all the input...mage is in act 3 now... hope this helps anyone who searches for this topic...if you want the full 2nd act set of armor in the 2nd act, play a rogue...weak Bioware...weak
XBL---Shanghai Hepcat
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