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3 years ago#1
I just started (haven't played DA1) and picked a female warrior.
I love the hack 'n slash style fighting with her and want to focus on two handed skill with her.

What's a good build for her that doesn't neglect defense too much (I'm not a fan of glass cannons)?

And what's a good early game party to complement her.
Party members / builds for them that are useful early on and can transition into good late game party builds?

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3 years ago#4
Of course you don't have to follow these, they are suggestions, I'm sure others will have other opinions.
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3 years ago#5
Those are all good suggestions for DA:O; unfortunately, I *think* the TC was asking about DA 2.

Obviously the two handed weapon tree is a good choice to invest points. Warmonger is good as well, it has both taunt and a sustained mode where your attack increases based on how many enemies you're fighting. Some of the attack abilities overlap with the 2 handed tree though.

If you want more defense, there's always the defender tree. I don't believe you need a shield to take full advantage of it (though it probably helps, I've never tried it). If that doesn't look like your thing you might also consider the Battle Master tree.

As far as specializations go, Templar is more defensive; it's an anti Mage skill tree. Berserker and Reaver are more offensive. It doesn't sound like you'd like Reaver though; most of it's abilities sacrifice your own health and put you more into that "glass cannon" mode.

For other party members; I would use your mage sibling during the early part of the game (for spoilerish reasons). I built her to have elemental attacks and healing support skills. Always keep a rouge around; either Varric or Isabella once you get her. I'd avoid putting any points into Archery for Varric; his character specific tree has more interesting offensive skills once you unlock it.

The 4th character is up to you: I switch between either another warrior (Averline w/sword and shield or Fenris built in the opposite way your building your two hander. Actually Fenris character specific tree is also really neat) or another mage.
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3 years ago#6
That was for DA O?

Anyway, thanks.

Been playing quite a bit more (rather addicting game) and got the hang of it I think.
I'm probably gonna invest to a variety of trees to get the abilities I want.
3 years ago#7
Sorry, I just misread your first line, plus i have been playing origins past couple of days, and it was on my mind.

Just quick suggestion, Try to give some detail but don't want to make a huge post

Anyway best way to play a 2hander warrior in DA2 is to pump STR/CON at a 2:1 ratio. If your going to be using talents alot aim for around 20 willpower to pull of a full burst of two handed attacks. If you don't want to be like a glass cannon then avoid reaver and pick the other two, focus mainly on Templar and other abiity trees, just put a spec point in beserker for the bonus. (Beserker and reaver really compliment each other for maximum damage). Use your talents and put them in Two handed ability, Templar and vanguard, also get at least elemental aegis from the defender tree (boost resistances for higher difficulties other wise skip that) no need to put anymore in defender unless you really want, its just you will waste points for little gain where you could have put them in other places.

As for build and talents, assuming you have a patched game you will need a minimum of 31 (or 32) STR and 18 CON to wear the best endgame gear, but as you dont want to be like a glass cannon aim to have around 30+ CON pre gear boosts. Rest into strength

To make your warrior truly shine then you will need to learn about cross class combos. sunder + upgraded whirlwind will cause your enemies to be staggered setting them up for lightning attacks (merril) and some rogue talents (varric and/or isabella). Upgraded scythe and mighty blow are great against brittle enemies (example frozen)

As for companions:
Varric is a great ranged member, focus on his archery tree until level 7, then max out his character specific tree after that you can fill out rest of archery or have him more as a croud control with miasmic flask and other talents in that tree. Have his stats focus on a 1:2 dex/cun ratio. Your party becomes awesome with varric. For both varric and isabella get the blindside talent ASAP, speed is usefull but to get the most out of it you will need to upgrade it and acquire the precision and power talents to unlock the last talent that will boost speed with other bonuses

Merril is awesome as a blood mage. don't for any reason put points into willpower. Go 2:1 magic/constitution until 30 Con rest in Magic. Get all the lightning and earth spells (forgot the tree name) and her character tree, after that Spirit tree has some good spells, upgraded mind blast .

And then have Anders focus on the some spells of the creation tree (heal + haste) and character tree. Can have him learn the Primal tree, focus more on the Ice spells to set up brittle enemies then have your Character scythe + mighty blow them. 2:1 Mag/Wil stats, few points in Con for more health

varric, merril and anders are a great combination. Bethany is a good mage substitute for act 1. Isabella can be a great DPS, she has some useful talents in her character tree, have her max out dual wield and her own tree. Get her dex to 42 for best daggers rest in cunning.

Fenris can become an awesome character when built right but you are already a 2hander. Aveline is a great tank, max out sword shield, her character tree, few points in defender (elemental aegis) 42 strength for best sword+shields rest in constitution can put strength higher at later levels

Wrote it quick, hopefully helpful
I'm not angry, just disappointed
3 years ago#8
Thanks, that was quite informative.

I'm kinda torn between Fenris and Varric.
Varric is cool and useful and can open locks (which stat do I raise to improve his chances?).
On the other hand Fenris has a badass design and dat Gideon Emery.

I intend to have 2 mages in the party, but cannot really decide between the 3 I have.
I'm pretty sure I'll keep Anders for his multi target heal.
So this is mostly a decision between Bethany and Merril.
Beth got heal (or should I rather use potions for single target heal? so far the game is easy and I'm reluctant to use hard mode too much cause I utterly despise friendly fire).
How about her buffs, do they stack with Anders casting the same buffs?

On the other hand, I hear Merril is so good, but she sounds like she will go down very easily even with high CON.
I'm not really getting the point of her initial blood magic spells either, they seem to force her using HP instead of MP but with only disadvantages, locking 50% of her MP of making it impossible to heal her while she rapidly kills herself by using spells with HP.
And the other abilities relying on this seems useful, but even combined don't seem useful enough to balance out the quick death factor, especially when you can deal pretty high damage in non suicidal ways as well.

But then again, I'm trying to go her lesbian romance route.
3 years ago#9
Unlocking chests is determined by the cunning score of which you will need a minimum of 40 cunning to unlock master chests (they are chest difficulty levels of 20, 30 and then 40), although you don't start seeing them until late into the game you will still come across a few master chests mid-game, but most locked chest don't have worthwhile stuff just good for extra XP and selling what you find . I can't really recommend which one to take if you like both varric and fenris. It is advised to take a rogue for chests and traps, and also taking advantage of cross class combos (if your playing normal it won't effect much by not knowing too much about CCC but on hard/nightmare will make it significantly easier). Varric is arguably one of the more better companions but they are all good in their own right. With Fenris you build him like a glass cannon, his character tree is like the best of both Reaver and Beserker trees plus he glows silver/white-like which is epic. To get the best of him, put all points in STR with WIL at roughly 20-25 points, You can put points into CON but not try to put too many for a glass cannon build otherwise pump CON for more survivability.

I like both but you will have to decide who you will enjoy more you can always switch them up in between quests ad such. For me I like the banter that Varric has with many of the companions, plus he's a great in any party TBH, and I like Fenris due to him being a 2-Handed warrior and can be powerful, plus i like his voice actor.

For buffs, i think some stack, like haste for example, not too sure though for others. Use both heal and potions, they have such long cooldowns especially when this game just literally throws enemies from thin air at you, don't use them recklessly try to conserve them so if your in trouble they won't be on cooldown

Yeah normal can become easy at times but this game has few difficulty spikes here and there. I play on hard difficulty though some parts on nightmare (because im so used to the game and the gameplay mechanics, don't want it to sound like im some amazing uberness gamer) so i build my character and companions around knowing that. Its why a recommended elemental aegis as it offers 40% elemental resistances so it helps with friendly fire combine that with resistant runes on armor and I don't see much difference from friendly fire.

When you first hear of merril and how she is supposed to be built, it can confuse people or make them think twice about her because health is used as mana. But once you learn how to efficiently use her and to set up tactics for her, example turn of blood magic when she gets to x% health then use heal/potion. Increasing CON not only improves health for survivability but is used as a seconday mana pool with 1 health giving 2 mana (3 mana with friendship bonus) , thats why it can be useful and if your tank (you or fenris/aveline) are doing their job at managing aggro then Merril will have more breathing space, set Merrils tactics to stop using blood magic/other spells once her health is 40-50%. You can compensate Health loss from using spells by using the upgraded Wrath of eluvian sustainable, that can help with health regen as well as damaging nearby enemies, combine that further with upgraded mind blast (set as a tactic to use when surrounded by enemies to stun them) and the upgraded ability Wounds of the past can help her survive by alot, and don't forget rock armor. Activate Wrath of Eluvian and rock armor before activating The blood of the first, it takes from your mana pool first i think anyway if done before Blood of the first
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3 years ago#10
(Haven't had to use two posts in a long time if ever)

As you can see she can be complicated for beginners (although any mage can be complicated if not player controlled due to the amount of spells and variations of mage to be), theres more once you learn about using the tactic screen to better not just her but every other companion

For a first time DA2 player I can see why you may be skeptical over Merril, If you plan to use Merril I would advise reading FAQs about her to maximise what she is capable of. But as its your first time, why not just forget most of her character tree and focus on other spell trees, if you have the black emporium DLC then you will be able to respec her whenever you want as well as the other companions.

Really long post, sorry for any typos lol, these are suggestions and so open to tweaking/input by you or by anyone else giving tips. Its the bases of how I play but i can only explain so much in posts. I would recommend going to the social bioware Dragon age 2 forums for further tips, and alot more knowledge
I'm not angry, just disappointed
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