Easiest build/party for Nightmare?

#1gord57Posted 4/28/2012 6:16:07 PM
I played Origins through on Nightmare 9 times and it wasn't all that hard my first time. I picked this game up and beat it on normal, then attempted it on Nightmare and it's...different from Origins. IMO it has a lot of BS. But anyway, whats the easiest build? I dont really want to be a Mage. 2h Warrior, Tank, Archer, or DW Rogue? This game is so much different from Origins that I can't really pick it up.
#2ferrymPosted 4/29/2012 2:09:25 AM
easiest is probably with 2 mages and a 2-handed warrior, coupled with an archer. Mages are simply really powerful and have great crowd control, but on Nightmare you want to put up as much combination attacks as possible.

so set up your warriors and mages to stagger/dissorient people, with your mage to take advantage of it with spells, and when facing a strong enemy use a spell that causes Brittle and then hit them with your strongest attack from your archer or Warrior, depending on who does more damage.

can't help you with precise stat-builds, but that's the generic teambuild: abuse the combo-system since it's the best way to deal damage.
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