So it possible to romance Aveline?

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5 years ago#1
Yeah, I don't care that she has a man jaw.
The game gives you a few options to flirt with her, but from what I've read it seems like she can't become a love interest.
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Alexandre Dumas
5 years ago#2
It lets you flirt with her, nothing more.
5 years ago#3
That's too bad, I have a thing for tough chicks.
Thanks for the reply though.
'As everybody knows, drunkards and lovers are protected by a special deity.'
Alexandre Dumas
5 years ago#4
I just finished my last opportunity to flirt with her and it's like she can't hear me when I'm coming on to her. lol sometime she wouldn't even acknowledge what I said.... she was obsessed with that dude >_>
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5 years ago#5
well shes pretty thick when it comes to that >_>

marigolds nuff said
5 years ago#6
I don't know if you can romance Isabele either... i already slept with her but she doesnt want a relationship i guess. My friendship is almost all the way maxed with her too. If you cant romance either of them then i guess the only girl you can is Meredith???

The only person i can get to want me is Anders and thats just fuggin wierd
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5 years ago#7
You can romance Merril, Anders, and Fenris. Isabela can be the one that doesn't leave Hawke's side, but she's only interested in lust, not love. You can win Sebastian's heart as well but it will be a chaste relationship.
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5 years ago#8
I just want the trophy so i wanna know which i can get that with cuz it seems isabella you can't
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5 years ago#9
Isabella is definitely a tough one. I slept with her and flirted with her at every opportunity and had her friendship nearly to the max and nothing ever came of it after our initial fling. I sort of gave up when she left after the Qunari attack, but then she came back and after talking with her in the Hanged Man I got another opportunity to flirt with her and she ends up saying she wants you or something like this. After that though there is nothing until the last mission where she wants to know if the two of you will make it through the battle and she kisses you. I got the completed relationship trophy after that. I never had the option to have her move into my house though.
5 years ago#10
You can actually get a kiss from her! I played as female Hawke, but I assume that also applies to male Hawke.

***Aveline romance SPOILERS... sorta***

You have a few opportunities throughout the game to flirt with her, and then you have a ton of options during her "dating quest" during Act 2. If you flirted a lot with Aveline, after she gets together with her guard, she will say something pretty cruel, something like: "I'm just being silly, it's impossible and I know there's nothing there, but did you ever think about you and I?"

If you pick the "humorous" option, you actually do get a kiss from Aveline as a thank you, with Hawke making a completely bewildered face.

If you picked the "broken heart" option, then you can hear Hawke telling Aveline to just be happy, with extremely sad traits and her voice cracking as if she was about to cry. It was surprisingly well done, actually...
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