how do i unlock the staff of parthalan?

#1MiCc_FiTzPosted 3/10/2011 2:52:59 PM
i went to but all i saw was the exiled prince and the other dlc
#2dkowalewiczPosted 3/10/2011 2:58:05 PM
I think it was a pre-order thing. I actually got an email before I pre-ordered the game from EA - the email had a code for me to use when I had the game to get the Staff of Parthalan.
#3MiCc_FiTz(Topic Creator)Posted 3/10/2011 3:01:08 PM
i preordered mine and all i got was the sword and shield.....aww man this sucks i was so looking forward to using that weapon since it was in all the trailers....what the f bioware promoting a cool weapons and not making it available to everyone
#4OzeroCaPosted 3/10/2011 3:16:38 PM
it was something you were awarded for signing yup to the EA spam-email before a certain date, like months ago.
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#5electro57Posted 3/10/2011 3:21:37 PM
For PS3 users having trouble unlocking the Staff of Parthalan for their version of Dragon Age 2:

I was having the same problem too. I kept registering for the newsletter on the main page of the DA2 site, but it never seemed to work, until...

I went to the "Staff of Parthalan" page:

On that page click the link that says "Click Here" to claim the staff, and it'll redirect you to a page where you can log into your EA account to subscribe to the DA2 newsletter. It's okay if you've already subscribed to it, just do it again. Afterwards, you can find your registered in-game bonus items if you sign into your EA account on this website and go to [Profile] > [Your registered game content].

After you've subscribed again to the newsletter via the link above, the PS3 version for the Staff of Parthalan (if you haven't gotten it already) should unlock. I can confirm that it did for me just now. If it doesn't for you, then, well...I have no idea what's wrong.

Hope this helps anyone having this issue.
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#6MiCc_FiTz(Topic Creator)Posted 3/10/2011 3:34:07 PM
sweet it worked thanks man
#7captaindarin79Posted 3/10/2011 5:41:15 PM
Playstation stuff seems to be glitchy. I somehow gained access to everything even though I didnt preorder. I registered my game, gave me an error and now I have everything...shield, sword, staff...even isaac armor and I have no DS2.