Where is the Templar Armor?

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5 years ago#1
I've searched every thread that mentions it, and everyone always points to some image on the next with a person in full Templar Gear or something, but no real answer as to where the armor is, or when you can obtained it. I checked the Dragon Age wiki, and sure enough it mentions Sir Varnell's corpse, well i just killed that bastard and there was no armor, second it mentions you can get it from the shady merchant well i checked him during Act 2 and guess what... no templar armor. Is it not available on the ps3? I'll check on act 3, possibly with another save... but im getting kind of angry.
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5 years ago#2
I have played through past Varnell several times and have not gotten any templar armor or pieces from him. I got a set of the body piece from Alrick once but it was rather weak. I got superior heavey boots and gloves from some other templars (don't remeber where I got those I think it was some of his men). I have never found or got a helm at all and only got the other templar armor pieces once. I think its a random thing. As a 2 hand warrior I like axes and they are few and far in between but once and only once I got a cool one off one of the 'something' revers in one of the wherehouses. I say if you really want some keep wackin' templars till one coughs it up. I did get the piggyback book I can check that and see waht it says about the armor too.
5 years ago#3
Thanks i appreciate it.
Teepo, the Dark Dragon of Destiny.
5 years ago#4
I have saved every piece I've found but lets start with the chest/robe this is purchased at the docks in act 3 I believe.

Shield and mace towards the end of act 3 at templar hall

boots also in act 3 forgot where though

I might have missed gloves or accidently sold them but I must say the templar set rocks.
Perhaps the helm is the helm of white spire anyhow I'll post the stats loading the game right now.
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5 years ago#5
Templar Mace - Superior Issue
35pd (66 dps)
+42 helth
5% chance to dispel hostile magic

Templar Defender - Superior Issue
+9% magic resistance
5% chance to dispel hostile magic

Templar Gloves - Superior Heavy Issue
+12 health
+35 attack

Templar Armor - Heavy Issue
213 armor
+102 attack

Templar Cerenonial Cummerbund
+2 health regen
+10% magic resistance

Templar Greatsword
(forgot to buy it gallows act 1 or 2)
+5 fire damage I think

missed the boots an helm unless it's the boots/helm of the white spire at the gallows... didn't buy
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5 years ago#6
Sandal's father sells the templar amor in act 1 at random. I bought the helm and several weapons from him.
Same goes for the shady dealer in act 1/ 2 at the docks, he sells the pieces at random. You can gather a full set, but its gonna take a bit of time unless your lucky.
5 years ago#7
You can also get it from Meredith if you side with her in the beginning of act 3. She sends you a letter thanking you. I think its the Knight-Captain armor with the shoulder spikes too.
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