Free Uplay passport

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User Info: Sinatra2

4 years ago#1
Like a dumb@$$ I bought a Uplay passport and didn't realize there was a free code in my signature edition.

My stupidity is your gain. First come......first serve.....c'mon and get it.


User Info: hitman456321

4 years ago#2
I'm not using the code, but I commend your generosity.
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User Info: xSavant

4 years ago#3
isn't there a passport in every regular edition, not just the signature edition?

User Info: StaticPenguin

4 years ago#4
xSavant posted...
isn't there a passport in every regular edition, not just the signature edition?

All new games come with one.
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User Info: fdarkangel5678

4 years ago#5
i share games with my fiancee and he used the passport. is it alright if i have it?
"Whoever said girls aren't meant to play video games, well that person can go f*** off"

User Info: GodlessChaos

4 years ago#6
I'd love the passport if possible, thanks.
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User Info: SmokeFilms300

4 years ago#7
I bought Assassin's Creed Revalations used and was dissapointed to find out you had to have a code to play multiplayer

I would appreciate it if i could have it

User Info: bluedmon

4 years ago#8
you guys realize he already posted the code right?
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