Anyone remember Jungle Storm?

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4 years ago#1

Those ghost recon games were awesome. AW was too short so it seems as if the series is fading. Is that true do you think?

4 years ago#2

GR1 and its expansions still stands as one of the best games of last gen in my opinion, certainly one of he best tactical titles.

4 years ago#3
GR and GRIT are the best Ghost Recon games ever. GR2 and Summit Strike were better than GRAW/GRAW2 because even though they introduced 3rd person to Ghost Recon 2, it still felt very fps like especially having the option to go in first person view. It was all about Ghost Recon/Island Thunder (which included all PC expansions) and Rainbow Six 3/Black Arrow back in the good ol' day of Xbox Live circa 2002-2004.
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4 years ago#4
Funny, I was just talking about these old Ghost Recon games last night with friends about how much fun they were to play. I've been playing the series since the first one way back. Ghost Recon was the first game I played on Xbox live hints my gamer tag ha ha. I have always liked the tactical/team work way of playing. The modern run around and spray and pray get boring real fast. Even with all the current modern shooter games out I went back to playing GRAW 2. What I have always liked was the great CO/OP features and game play. From what I hear about this next game Future Soldier coming out some time this century it will not have the same great CO/OP as the other along with other things. Only 4 player CO/OP not 16. Watching the video footage seeing the soldier run around looks like a copy of Gears Of War to me. I don't have high hopes for the next game but let's hope I'm very wrong.
4 years ago#5
when it came to first person tactical shooters i was a bigger fan of MechWarrior not Graw1, i personally prefer the third person view thats being used now.
ArmoredCoreV, i couldnt be more excited for this game!
4 years ago#6
Ya, 16 player coop was amazing with the GR games. But Future Soldier's 4 player coop throughout the full single player sounds great too. I hope they give us some sort of coop mission mode online too though with 16 players but hopefully the adversarial mode will be what every GR fan is looking forward to.
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4 years ago#7
nope. coop only.
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4 years ago#8
I thought I read there was a seperate co-op campaign not the main campaign
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4 years ago#9

Hey everybody! The TC is talking about a time when videogames we're actually good! 
Instead nowadays, you get served a slick turd and then told it's trendy. Everyone's happy :] 

4 years ago#10

Yeh one thing I miss about modern games is the split screen coop. I'm keen to see what future soldier will be like as the last game I played was GRAW1.

A lot of people think ghost recon is dated but we'll have to wait until it comes out to judge that!

I'm being optimistic and hoping it will be awesome.

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