Destroying a BTR by shooting it?

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I know that fans of the original GR series were outraged by the implementation of active camo in a game supposed to be set in the near-future with believable technology. I hear the criticism that the developers have thrown out actual reasearch and science to the wind in favor of sci-fi. However, one thing that stood out to me was the notion that a BTR (big Russian APC) can be destroyed by shooting it enough times with a heavy machine gun:


In another, he blew it up with two grenades. Is it believable such an imposing armored vehicle can be so easily destroyed?

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6:50 if you don't want to watch the rest

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Another great part is at 4:12, when the main character just gets unloaded on with a ton of bullets, but hey, his screen just turns red, he crawls to his teammate who heals him, and he is in tip-top shape. They talk so much about real equipment that could be used by the military in the near future, so which gadget allows you to take ten bullets and get completely healed by a teammate in about two seconds?

Gears of War: Future Soldier.

Also, about the BTR, apparently in the future a good tactic to take out a BTR is to rush up to and shoot it with an assault rifle, as seen by the computer (who miraculously comes out unscathed).
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lol... Suspension of disbelief? I don't know, seems a little too out there for that.

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Yeah, this is clearly geared towards the crowd that wants something different from Call of Duty and Battlefield. Even in Call of Duty though you couldn't destroy a BTR by shooting it - COD 4 you needed rockets or C4, MW2 you needed a Predator missile

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Even in Advanced Warfighter you needed explosives of some sort. Use smoke grenade and attach an explosive or use a rocket.

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I don't understand why we're concerned about realism in a game that has already abandoned the realism portion of GR.

Why can't people just sit down and enjoy something for what it is?
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An RPG can take out a BTR, so I'm guessing a minigun firing heavy, AP, or explosive rounds would also **** it up pretty bad. AT weapons though would indeed be more viable. 

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A minigun would not do anything to even the thinnest armored APC, it's only 7.62x51mm. A .50 cal with SLAP rounds would maybe work.
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From: Famine_10f4 | #006
Even in Advanced Warfighter you needed explosives of some sort. Use smoke grenade and attach an explosive or use a rocket.

There were many parts in GRAW 1 and 2 where you took out APC's and even sometimes tanks with a Minigun or HMG.
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