mp or story?

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3 years ago#1
whitch one you think will win you over?
3 years ago#2

The only reason I still have this game preordered is because of the campaign and coop.  MP is plagued with so many connection and lag issues atm and it launches in 3 weeks... I'm considering pulling it as I don't see this launch being fun at all.

3 years ago#3

Well, I've always enjoyed the SP of the series, I never likes the MP because of the lag and other issues.... Hopefully they have corrected those issues in the MP.

3 years ago#4

Campaign and Co-op 100%.

3 years ago#5
Campaign. I only play multiplayer to pass the time, waiting for next game to play.
3 years ago#6
The campaign looks extremely repetitive and the player seems extremely overpowered. There doesn't seem to be any challenge like in the old Ghost Recon games, and I'm not talking about GRAW either. The older games actually felt like a fairly realistic tactical military shooter. This game makes you feel like some sci fi bad ass ninja. I hate this new take Ubisoft took. They also did this with Splinter Cell conviction: apparently they want to give more power to the players or some BS.
3 years ago#7
I have been playing GR since GR1 on the original Xbox. It has always been about the MP. The only good SP campaigns were GR1 and 2. GRAW 1 and 2's SP was boring and even the MP for those two wasn't that great. Hopefully this game will bring back the MP goodness. From what i have played from the beta so far, it just might.
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3 years ago#8
if you guys buy the game for the story, you might as well just rent the damn thing for 2 dollars a day and return it when you are done.
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3 years ago#9
The split-screen co-op is what's buying me over. My buddy and I play on a single box so much I'm at my buddy's house almost every other day and we prefer the ease of communication over having our own full-sized screen.

It's also the latest game available that actually supports split-screen, since split-screen has been pretty much drowned by a flood of games sacrificing local multiplayer for graphics.

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3 years ago#10
The single players are usually good so Im expecting this one to be decent. The mp should be good, if they fix all the problems currently in the game. Im also expecting the mp to become better once the game is actually released and you get rid of all the kids trying to play this game like CoD.
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