Anyone unlocked the Vector/MSR yet? Crazy strong!

#1Ultra SonicPosted 5/31/2012 11:14:33 PM(edited)
I haven't tried the Bodark side yet since unlocking them, but the Vector is ridiculous. People have absolutely no chance against you at short to medium ranges. The only real disadvantage to it is that it chews through ammo pretty quick, due to its unreal fire rate (try it overgassed...damn!). Plus, the MSR is a great sniper rifle. You can pretty much one shot anything except for rifleman, but that should be remedied by the AP ammo you get later. On a side note, I heart stun mines! The only thing I hate is when someone else steals my hack after I stun them. Oh well, as long as I'm helping the team I guess.
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#2AvisonPosted 6/1/2012 4:54:36 AM
I've been using the same setup of stun mines and the vector. Vector is amazing.

You can basically only use the sniper rifles when you're host however. The game has terrible hit detection which is why the higher bullet count guns work best because it averages out better.

There are videos of bullets going straight through dudes on youtube and more for the msr and friends and doing no damage. Sniper rifles are basically the worst gun type in graw. They're ironically the least accurate, useless in cqb, take to long to steady, and get beat by anything that isnt extreme ranges.

Also the custom sniper optic is crap because it sways too much.

tldr; sniper rifles all blow.
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