Looking for co op partners

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User Info: AethonWarrior

4 years ago#1
Message my GT and we'll do some co op, after we finish the campaign we might do some MP or guerrilla depending on if you have a mic and sound older than 12 years old.

GT Zenic Allfather
Damn proud to finally be a part of the United States Air Force.
Bread is INFINITY!!!!

User Info: BluishPoet15

4 years ago#2
My GT Is. BluishPoet15

User Info: qxBlackHazexp

4 years ago#3
qx BlackHaze xp is my tag add me i play everynight

User Info: demonfire922010

4 years ago#4

User Info: paulh488

4 years ago#5
al play gt paulh488

User Info: krymsonreign

4 years ago#6
GT: Krymsonrane

User Info: Princejake2

4 years ago#7
I just got the game for Christmas, id love to do some coop. GT in sig.
XBL/PSN/MGO: Princejake2

User Info: eoinoc

4 years ago#8
just got the game too and see myself playing it a lot.
GT: Celtic Cog 79
Xbox Gamer Tag: Celtic Cog 79

User Info: ages1272

4 years ago#9
Hey guys I have been playing since release and still playing. Looking to do some co-op. message me on Xbox live gamer tag ages1272

User Info: TheDrunkenSnake

4 years ago#10
I'll co op with you guys just hit me up
Gamertag: The Buddha Bear
PSN: TheBuddhaBear

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