Guerrilla players

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3 years ago#1
Does anyone want to play guerrilla with me? add me GT: CDA Viking
GT: CDA Viking
3 years ago#2
I just got this game. add me. Check sig
GT: tak1ng faces
3 years ago#3
I'm on it al least twice a week. GT: kyrmsonrane
3 years ago#4
I'm down for some guerrilla or coop GT:bluecaboose82
3 years ago#5
3 years ago#6

Mic is broke, and I'm not gonna buy one soon. But I'm still down to play whenever I happen to hop on.
3 years ago#7
add me
GT: MenacingLemon
Speakeasy Clinic
3 years ago#8
Playing this game alot add me
Xbox GT: C1RCAx99
3 years ago#9
guerilla or coop here. just started adversarial and i'm not too particularly fond of the attachment credits and having to use a reset token if i want to do something different lol.


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