Need Players for Online Matchmaking

#1sRRaidzPosted 5/6/2013 11:05:11 AM
I am going on ghost recon now and would love to have some players who actually talk and know what they are doing. I want to play to win, so I need sweaty players.

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#2DvoloS88Posted 6/1/2013 8:03:57 AM
This game seems dead! I've been trying to find out how active multiplayer is because this games on sale for fifteen bucks. Sadly I think ill pass.
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#3xXxDSMerPosted 6/6/2013 10:33:58 PM
shoulda took the deal on the game lol. plenty of people bought it while on sale and so far i haven't had problems finding multiplayer games. Parts i like even more about the game is the campaign and geurilla mode, but have to have people on your friend list or recent players to join those.
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