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3 years ago#1
Hello, dear browser of the Future Soldier board.

Excited for the release? I bet you are, this is undoubtedly one of the biggest games to launch next month, and very welcome after the rather boring first months of 2012 we had (apart from Katawa Shoujo :P). But are you perhaps worried that the online modes will be a borefest, only ever seeing random people, and no familiar faces, no friends? Almost everything is better when done with friends, you know. Especially teamwork and tactical approaches to every situation in-game.

If you agree, perhaps you`d like to join our clan, the Brotherhood of the Commissioned (BotC for short). We are a jolly group of about 80 people, about 30 of which post daily on our forum. We`d love for you to join us, so our number of members that will soon be playing Future Soldier's MP will grow, which will increase the chance to be able to play with someone you know, instead of random strangers. And seeing as most of us have mics, working together as a team will be much easier, especially after getting to know eachother's preferences on the battlefield better.

Everyone is allowed to join, and always welcome, but we`d appreciate it if you;

- Are nice to other clanmembers
- Post on our forum (a lovely place, with quite some humorous regulars) once in a while (you're more than welcome to drop in all day, every day :)!).
- don`t act obnoxious in-game.

We hold fun and friendship in high regard, and can be competitive when we want, but we`ll never kick you out because "Hurrrrr, ur K/D ratio is 2 low" or "Durrrrr, U dont play with us for 8 hours a day?". We play to have a good time. And you don`t have to sign up for just one game, we play a plethora of titles, ranging from RPGs to shooters, and everything in between. We somehow still have an active group of Killzone players, are busy with titles like ME3, BF, Fifa, and Twisted Metal, while SSX, Syndicate, and Binary Domain are active as well, soon to be joined by Max Payne 3. But really, just about everything with multiplayer components has a place in our group!

Thank you very much for reading, and I hope you will consider joining me and my bro`s and sis at BotC. If you have any questions, don`t be afraid to post them here. Or take a look around our forum (link in sig), so you can experience first hand how fun a clan can be! Our forum is also the place where you sign up; if you do, you're expected to post around a bit, make some acquaintances, and add whoever you want to your friends list. Come for the games, stay for the friends!
--- A great clan
Katawa Shoujo = GOTY 2012
3 years ago#2
Oh, sup Goles, fancy seeing you here. You did say you'd be recruiting here. Ugh, me and my birdbrain-memory.

Anyway, everyone is more than welcome to join! We have a great and kind community, a truly different experience from playing with randoms.
3 years ago#3
I'm just happy I'll be able to get my hands on a new Ghost Recon game, it's been way too long since the last one, if you ask me.
Great clan, forum, and community, do check us out!
3 years ago#4
Yep, joined up almost 3 months ago and haven't looked back. It's an awesome place to meet fellow gamers and to make some new friends. Any and everyone is welcome to join!
3 years ago#5
Hmmmmm, you have me intrigued good sir's. I might just have to join. Especially since you embrace all types of games. My Favs are RPGs but I just can't resist the allure of shooting ppl in the face.
3 years ago#6
Oh, if you like RPG's, you are at the right place, Opossu. We've got a boatload of die-hards onboard, even though a fair amount of RolePlaying titles aren't Multiplayer. Do have a good look around the site (which is mostly locked untill you accumulate 5 posts), and see if you like it :D
--- A great clan
Katawa Shoujo = GOTY 2012
3 years ago#7
If you do decide to join the clan Opossum, making a Lounge helps with other clan members getting to know you, and with the 5 post. Haven't checked yet, so you might have already joined.
3 years ago#8
I haven't yet, but I'm gonna get on and check it out after work today.
3 years ago#9
I just registered under the user name A-Train1982. Same as my psn. Don't have much time to post this morn but I'll be on tonight. Says I gotta wait for a admin to review anyway.
3 years ago#10
Usually happens within half an hour, saw your welcome thread posted. Very happy to have you on board.

Also, we're just over a month away from E3! I can't hold all my excitement anymore! I hope it'll be as hilarious as the past few years (usually because of how bad the presentations were)!

Ghost Recon is an Ubisoft-game, right? DOODELY-DOODELY-DOO
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