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StickyList of All Story Routes *Some Spoilers* (Sticky)
Pages: [ 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 ]
BBCS Online Trophy BoostMuskeLG28/27 8:38PM
Care for a match? lol (Archived)dorenrocks123112/13 10:03PM
'Real Ultimate Power' not unlocking for me. (Archived)sm124011/23/2014
DLC characters won't appear ?! (Help !) (Archived)eloratings211/6/2013
Terumi's Astral Finish? Dark Susanoo (Archived)Ki5hiDo110/18/2013
Wait...is Hakumans identity not obvious? It's*SPOILERS* (Archived)HaruKry18/8/2013
Just got this, but I've never played BlazBlue before... (Archived)DMGirl36/27/2013
Kokonoe Hate (Archived)Xicarah65/28/2013
Any reason to get this over Extend? (Archived)helloresolven25/19/2013
So as my first 'serious' fighting game... (Archived)Uberzaki812/5/2012
Can anyone help me reach level 50? (Archived)Patty_Fleur49/20/2012
Level Grinding (Archived)keyblade_lord19/19/2012
Does anyone else hate tager spammers? (Archived)hypershadicful48/30/2012
Can I get some help please. (Archived)heero_spidey36/24/2012
best time to find people online? (EST time) (Archived)SockNight16/16/2012
I got continuum shift, do i need to buy extend for the latest patch? (Archived)Zerocrossings35/28/2012
Ragna scares me... (Archived)Graham_Chapman75/17/2012
Do you think large hands/fingers can get in the way? (Archived)Odahviing54/6/2012
Most arrogant player you've bumped into? (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2, 3 ]
Question on a litchi move (Archived)Sensei00S13/29/2012
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