Blazblue 3 **possible spoilers**

#1KumoriKidPosted 8/5/2010 6:24:05 PM
After completing the CS story, and finding out that there are still so many unanswered questions, there's obviously going to be a third Blazblue game. My wonder is, how long will they keep milking this franchise for? Look how many unplayable characters there were in CS... and even in CT that were still unplayable when CS came out.

I sure hope they decide to go all out in the next game, because at the rate of including only 3 new characters per game (not including DLC), on top of the fact that they introduced a few more NPCs in CS that I know I'd want to play as (ie Carl's father Relius Clover, Saya, etc.), this series may never come to an end. And I'd really love a Blazblue game that could include battles featuring all of the characters. I hate the terrible dialogue fights during story mode that involve NPCs, just because you can't play as them. Let us play as them, and that will give us a meatier story to play with, along with keeping us hardcore fans satisfied.

Knowing that we have to pay money for characters that will be in the next game is kind of a blow, but what really sucks is we have to wait yet another year to finish the story, and play as Jubei (hopefully)
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Also, sorry if the topic name was msileading. Just wanted to start a topic about what could be included in the next game, and I ended up getting in a rant.

I really do hope they include Jubei in the next game though... he just seems like he'd be godly, what with his legendary status, coupled with the Kaka clan's speed at his disposal.
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It seems like the next one will be the last. They should reveal who/what Amaterasu is and if **spoiler** Phantom is actually Nine. Even in the true ending when Hazama was taking Takamagahara's power they hinted that phantom was once dead or sleep (Takamagahara says " What? Dont tell me you woke her up?"). Also the story is still very sketchy as it isnt actually revealing what is going on. Although, it seems only a few questions really NEED to be answered for the story to make since.
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I do wonder though just how creative they can get with this game and constantly introducing a new cast of players. After messing with Makoto a little bit I couldn't help but be impressed with how they set her drive up. Since they really try to set themselves apart from other fighters, I'm extremely curious as to how they'll continue as well and not rehash ideas. I'm really curious when looking at the possibility of Relius. Although he doesn't seem to be as reliant on Ignis as Carl is to Ada, I can't help but wonder how his gameplay will differ from Carl's.

Then you can throw in other characters that have been mentioned but have yet to be seen like "the young master' Bang is searching for and Rachel's father (although I doubt he'll come into play in a major way). The way this game is set up, I really doubt the story portion will last too terribly long realistically and if they tried, they're most certainly setting themselves up for failure. I can't help but think that they will probably resort to releasing sequals with no story elements at all. Kind of similar to what they did with GG and also what SNK sometimes do with KoF. So really, I'm just as curious as you.
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The only NPC's that I can think of that are significant that didn't get a playable character in CT was Kokonoe and Jubei.

To be honest, nearly everyone with a portrait in Story Mode has a character >_>

I will call milking the franchise through if we get a playable Torakaka that plays too similarly to Taokaka.
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#6Makaveli8891Posted 8/5/2010 6:52:42 PM
from her personality...I kinda doubt Tora will play like Tao. Tao's energetic style kinda goes with who she is. It's just lazy that they use the same sprite but a darker color haha. And can kind of make an argument that she is playable through lambda since she said that she *kind* of controls her..? I know she doesn't fight with her, but regardless...the closest she is going to get on the battlefield was through her and Tager. Also...Linghua would've been a great potential character.....
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Is Torakaka even going to travel with the others?
Someone needs to defend the Kaka village and with Tao gone that just leaves Torakaka.

Linhua might tag along with Bang in search of Litchi. Though she doesn't seem to be the fighting type.

I also wonder what Ikaruga will be like, considering how it got wiped out. Perhaps there are people rebuilding.
And what is Kokonoe's connection to Ikaruga's destruction? And what does she plan to do with all of those nukes?
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And what does she plan to do with all of those nukes?

Is there really that much you can do with nukes?
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#9Makaveli8891Posted 8/5/2010 7:11:35 PM
lol I was kind of being sarcastic with Linhua. In Tager's story it was already hinted that she's not a fighter. But even though they are going to Ikaruga, I wouldn't think that would leave Tora out of the story. She seems too knowledgeable on some things that might shed some light on parts of the story.

I can't lie though, I do like the npc formula they've developed. Seeing and learning about characters before getting the chance to play with them is kind of cool. It makes me look forward to playing as them more than just seeing gameplay footage of them.
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