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Since I plan to get this on release, I was wondering a few things... (Archived)GujinGod36/28/2010
Regarding ""New Astral Heats"... Don't hold your breath. (Archived)Jackie_Chandler36/28/2010
Is Lambda considered a new character? (Archived)Yengeon56/28/2010
So, I really don't like the japanese voices. (Archived)
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How are you gonna take down Hazama? (Archived)
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Will story mode be in English? (Archived)
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I'm sorry, H-Man. (Archived)
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New characters Makoto and 2 others? (Archived)Kiwi_Akimbo76/27/2010
More Mu-12 gameplay (Archived)L4P26/27/2010
Da CS Unlimited Characters Trailer. (Archived)
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new characters (Archived)
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The NEW characters thread (Archived)BlazDave76/24/2010
Qustion about trophies (Archived)Patriarch_Demon66/24/2010
Do you think Arakune's a vuvuzela fan? (Archived)SpacemanHardy16/23/2010
Challenge Mode HD Footage (Archived)BlazDave76/23/2010
DLC Character confirmed! It's... Nu! (Archived)Vulcan42296/23/2010
DLC Character confirmed! It's... Gii! (Archived)Ghost_Beef26/23/2010
Is there any character that plays like Venom from Guilty Gear? (Archived)rj56876/23/2010
So I have just learned my favorite character has been nerfed :( (Archived)penguinkingrc56/23/2010
Limited Edition For North America (Archived)
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